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Company Presentation

Download Digi Video(VTS_01_1)

Download Digi Company Presentation

Fingerprint Lock and Accessories

Download 113 Manual(F2.7.7)

Download 86B/97B/98B Manual(F2.6.7)

Download 92 Manual(F2.4.7)

Download 86/97/98 Manual(F2.0.7)

Download Digi Catalogue (Version FKH11.9F)

Download Fingerprintlock &Keypad Lock Record Reading Software(V2.0.10)

Download 307/307C Manual(T2.0.7)

Download POS Manula (for 307,P2.1.1)

Download POS Manual(for 98/92,P2.0.1)

Download LCD POS Manual (for fingerprint / keypad lock, LP2.2.1)

Download 92 Manual(F3.4.1)

Download 86/86A/97/97A/98/98A Manual(F3.0.3)

Download 86/97/98 Manual(with ANSI mortise,F2.3.7)

Download 98/97/86 Manual(with Euro automatic mortise, F2.2.7)

Download 301/108A Manual(F2.1.7)

Keypad Lock and Accessories

Download 78 Manual(K3.11.1,old program)

Download 209 Manual(K3.10.1)

Download 209A Manual(K3.11.1)

Download 113C Manual(K2.8.7)

Download 91 Manual(K2.7.7)

Download 78B Manual(K2.5.7)

Download 88/101 Manual(K2.0.7)

Download 88B/101B manual(K2.6.7)

Download 78B Manual(K3.5.1)

Download POS Manual (for 307C, P2.3.1)

Download POS Manual(for 88/78/101, P2.2.1)

Download 88/88A/101/101A Manual(K3.0.1)

Download 88/101 Manual(with ANSI mortise K2.4.7)

Download 111 Manual(K2.3.7)

Download 88/101 Manual(with Euro automatic mortise, K2.2.7)

Download 88A/101A Manual(K2.1.7)

Hotel Lock and Accessories

Download 102 Manual(ANSI Reverse Mortise,H2.23.5)

Download 201-1 Manual(H2.20.5)

Download 202 Manual (with 85# Euro mortise,H2.22.5)

Download 202 Manual(with 72# Euro mortise,H2.21.5)

Download LCD POS Manual(for hotel lock use, LP2.4.1)

Download Magcard Software Manual (2.1.16)

Download Mifare1 Lift Controller User Manual

Download Door Access Controller Manual

Download Database Repair Tool

Download How to Reset Hotel Lock

Download Energy Saver Manual

Download 103-1 Manual (H2.17.5)

Download 75-1 Manual (H2.19.5)

Download 102-1 Manual(H2.18.5)

Download 66-1 manual(H2.16.5)

Download Digi Catalogue (VersionH14.9B)

Download Magcard USB Driver

Download USB Driver

Download Temic Software 4.2.11

Download MI Software 2.1.14

Download Magcard Software 2.1.16

Download Mifare1 Software(MF1_2008_USB)

Download IC Software 3.0.98

Download Temic Software 4.2.11 Manual

Download Mifare1 Software (MF1-2008-USB) Manual

Download MI Software ( 2.1.14) Manual

Download IC Software(IC-3.0.98) manual

Download How to Find Database File

Download 103ANSI REVERSE Manual(H2.15.5)

Download 76 Manual(H2.14.5)

Download 82 Manual(H2.13.5)

Download 90 Manual(H2.12.5)

Download 93 Manual(H2.9.5)

Download 103ANSI Manual(H2.8.5)

Download 73IC manual(H2.7.5)

Download 73MI/Magnetic manual(H2.6.5)

Download 102 manual(H2.5.5)

Download 75 Manual(H2.4.5)

Download 200 manual(H2.3.5)

Download 308 manual(H2.2.5)

Download 201 manual(H2.1.5)

Download 122 Manual(H2.0.5)

Download Digi Software Multi-computer Operation Manual


Download 200 DIY manual(D2.3.7)

Download 103-1 DIY Manual(D2.17.7)

Download DIY Card Lock Manual