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ASSA ABLOY Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

                                                           ASSA ABLOY Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

CFO of ASSA ABLOY APAC district Ms Feng Jin, President of security door group of Great China district Mr Zhong Zanyao, President of fire door and window hardware group Mr Shi Jiaxiong, and Executive President of building hardware group Mr Liu Kai attended the ceremony, reviewed 20 years innovation and growth and shared the development blueprint of ASSA ABLOY in China.

ASSA ABLOY was formed in 1994 through the merger of ASSA in Sweden and Abloy in Finland. Since then ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company to an international group with around 43,000 employees and sales close to SEK 48 billion(about RMB 44 billion) and business spreads in more than 70 countries. ASSA ABOY continues to increase its family members through merger. At present, ASSA ABLOY has acquired more than 200 companies and on basis of its strong resource platform and uniform operation mode, practically promoted the value of each brand.


Innovation is the important growth power of ASSA ABLOY and the key element of success in market. Since 2005, ASSA ABLOY R&D investment is increased by more than 100% and it has about 1,350 engineers. The launched new products exceeds the target by 25% in last three years. Thanks to the continuous seeking of innovation and understanding of customer and their potential needs, ASSA ABLOY’s product brand combination is one of the most complete ones, covering education, medical treatment, transportation, hotel, business etc industry, and it was listed in Forbes “World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies List” for continuous two years.

On talking about 20 years development, ASSA ABLOY CEO John Molin said, “Our intelligent products, make people feel safe and protected in a simple and convenient way. The opening door method and identity recognition method varies from minute to minute. With the world development, we will realize more breakthrough and changing. However our mission will keep the same, to satisfy the user needs for property safety, personal safety and life convenience, and to improve their life.”

In 1998,ASSA ABLOY quietly got close to Chinese users through Shanghai Jinmao Building. Soon afterwards, the local lock and door opening brands become our members one after another, including GULI, BAODEAN, TIANMING, LIYI,PANPAN, GUOQIANG,SANHE, XINMAO, HUASHENG and JIAWEI acquired this year. Through “Endorsed Brand” strategy, ASSA ABLOY combined the local brands and developed more products which complying with the demand of local users and increased the sales by 7 times in past 7 years. Meanwhile, with 20 years professional knowledge and experience, ASSA ABLOY participated and led the standard setting of multiple industries, and pushed forward the development and upgrading of the whole industries of China, and paved the way for local brands’ further internationalization. When talking on the development of China market, CEO of ASSA ABLOY APAC district Mr Magnus Kagevik Said, “China is no longer manufacturer, it is becoming consumer day by day. One side, China residential market is becoming quiet, but office, shopping mall and infrastructure etc commercial and industrial projects are increasing the demand. On the other hand, China wealth growth brings growing middle class, which will further push forward the demand on more concise security solutions, especially electronic door lock and mechanical and electrical substitute products. While our varied production line and the combination of brands will satisfy the new demand of China market.”

Finally, it is worthy mentioning that no matter design, purchase, production or ASSA ABLOY product and solution, even the relationship between ASSA ABLOY and external stakeholders, sustainable development is the important element. ASSA ABLOY insists on designing sustainable product and solutions, save cost and energy resources for customers, and make unremitting efforts on reducing impact on environment. Looking ahead the next two decades, ASSA ABLOY will keep on leading the development of door opening industry, and ensure our solution be economical and environmental, add value to people all around the world, simplify their life and open the further door for them.